Car Cleaning - How GDG Can Help

At GDG, we understand that cleaning a car can be a therapeutic and enjoyable process for some. Although cleaning a car isn’t for everyone, we want to make it as stress -free as possible so you can get your automotive to shine with as little effort as possible.

We stock all kinds of car and automotive cleaning products and have been trusted by the hospitality industry, car washes and people have found that they love using our products for personal use.

Especially in busy car washing environments, we find that having reliable stock of every single product is of the utmost importance. This is why GDG are trusted, we ensure that our one-stop shop has all that you need to keep your car wash routine running smoothly.

car cleaning

So, let’s see what products we offer to help make your automotive sparkling clean.

Glass cleaner
Our glass cleaners are silicone-free and with a blend of polishing agents and solvents, are able to leave your windows with no dirt or water spots. In just one application, our formula cuts through grease and dirt to leave a sparkling and streak-free finish.

Wheel cleaner
We always want to keep those alloys looking fresh. That’s why we stock specialised products and formulas for them. Our blend of acids and emulsifiers are water-soluble. They clean brake dust and soil with ease, ensuring that your wheels are always looking brand new.

Interior cleaner
This is perhaps one of our most popular car cleaning product ranges. Our interior cleaner has a low foam formula that revitalises carpets and upholstery. Our special formula works quickly and restores colour.

Suitable for machine or hand use, the blend of heavy-duty cleaning agents can be used to clean carpets in cars, vans, lorries and buses.

Trusted by professional valeters, our range of interior cleaners have been ensuring automotives all around the country are looking as good as new. Speak to one of our experts about how our products can make your cleaning routine a bit simpler.

Car polish
There’s nothing quite like those finishing touches. Our car polish range contains waxes and silicones that make used cars look brand new. Our special formula helps to remove faded paintwork and ensures a nice glossy finish.
Our formula is quick and easy to use, resisting rain and traffic film. Popular for use in the automotive industry, use this to add a shine to your vehicle paintwork.

Tar and glue remover
Our tar and glue remover range has the perfect products to help you get out of sticky situations. Tar and glue can be extremely difficult to remove from cars. Luckily, our formula has a low odour and removes glue, tar and bitumen residue with ease.

With a strong set of chemicals, speak to our experts about how you can use this product safely.

Shampoo and wax
Last but not least, our shampoo and wax range. These products leave a professional shine on all vehicles. Our advanced polymeric wax formula ensures ease of use and that there are no streaks or spots.

Popular in the automotive and transport industry, our range has been trusted to keep your vehicles looking brand new.



So, there’s some of our range of automotive cleaning products. GDG are a one-stop shop for all kinds of cleaning products so if there is a product that you need that wasn’t mentioned in this article, visit our shop or speak to one of our cleaning experts who are always happy to help.