Catering Supplier - How GDG Can Help

GDG have been a long-trusted supplier to the catering industry, professional kitchens have relied upon us to supply quality and reliable stream of products. Having everything you need in a professional kitchen and the catering industry is perhaps one of the most important factors to make things run smoothly.

Similarly, all of our catering and kitchen supplies are food safe, ensuring that you can avoid cross-contamination and that you meet all food safety standards.

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So, let’s explore just some of our range of catering supplies that can make sure that your kitchen or catering event can help to fill the stomachs of your punters.

Perhaps one of the most used items in any kitchen, use our foil to keep your food fresh after cooking. Often bought in bulk, ensure that you have reliable stock of our high-end foil.
Ideal for baking, wrapping and storage, we offer differing thicknesses in our foil products. With GDG’s one-stop shop, you are sure to find the suitable foil for your needs. Including a cutter in the box, our range is suitable for both home and catering use.

Cling film
Our cling film is designed so that it dispenses neatly and tangle-free every single time. Relied upon in kitchens to cover and wrap cold food, our range is supplied in a dispenser pack and is ideal for use in the home or professional kitchens.

Our formula is manufactured from low migration which ensures a better, strong cling and is suitable for use in the fridge, freezer and microwave. Speak to one of our experts about how our range of cling film could be best used in your kitchen or catering environment.

Parchment paper
Popular amongst our foil and cling film customers, our parchment paper is ideal for lining a baking tray to ensure that cakes and bakes aren’t sticking. Our cost-effective solution is perfect for both domestic and hospitality use.

Top tip: If you haven’t got the time to cut the paper to fit a tray, you can scrumple the parchment paper up and lay it out flat, doing so will ensure that it will mould itself to any tray without floating up in an oven.

Our healthy and non toxic parchment paper ensures that your baking is safe.

Mob cap
Our mob caps are a staple in the catering industry in order to protect food from being contaminated. With the inclusion of a metallic strip, our mob caps are a simple way to cover your hair when working within hygienic environments.

To prevent cross-contamination, our caps are colour coded so that you can ensure that they are being used correctly. Pleated for compact storage, our 52cm diameter mob caps have a double stitched elasticated headband and are latex-free.

Piping bag
Now for the icing on the cake, our piping bags are relied upon by the catering industry to ensure that your baked goods are looking as good as ever. Available to buy in bulk, our range is food safe, ensuring that your cake decorating continues to meet food safety standards.

Each bag holds approximately two litres and are designed for a no-mess cleanup. Better yet, our piping bag range is 100% recyclable and can be cut to fit another nozzle or be used as they are.


So, there you have it. At GDG, we stock all kinds of catering products but these are just some of our customers’ favourites. Rely on GDG’s one-stop shop to provide all you need to have a trusted steam of stock for your catering needs, speak to our experts about how we can help you.