Cleaning & Janitorial - How GDG Can Help

When opening the door to any cleaning or janitorial cupboard, you are often not only faced with a range of cleaning products, but also cleaning equipment such as brooms and mops.

GDG have worked closely with cleaning staff for a number of years and aim to truly understand what each cleaning person would want and need in their arsenal. This is why at GDG we stock all that you need to carry out your cleaning and janitorial duties effectively, with the most reliable range of products.

So, let’s see what we stock in order to take your cleaning and janitorial duties to the next level, making life simpler.

Brooms and handles
We stock brooms and handles in all kinds of sizes and colours, perfect for all kinds of environments. Our aluminium broom handles have a screw head that does not only fit our broom head range, but many others. Better yet, each handle had a colour coded grip to avoid cross-contamination.

Our broom heads are manufactured to food safety standards, perfect for collecting larger particles and items on rough services. Available in many colours to prevent cross-contamination, our broom heads are autoclavable, allowing them to be easily cleaned at high temperatures.

Supplying the housekeeping and hotel industries, we provide reliable housekeeping trolleys, janitorial trolleys and laundry trolleys. Able to carry clean and dirty linen, as well as carrying all the necessary cleaning products, our trolleys are perfectly designed to fit the service of 12-16 rooms per floor.

Dustpan & Brushes
Our long-handled dust pans are perfect for helping to reduce injury and back strain as it eliminates the need to bend down. With a cover to prevent contents from falling out and reducing a trip hazard, allowing safe and tidy storage.

Similarly, we have a short handle dustpan and brush sets that feature a rubber strip to ensure all dirt is picked up easily. Available in many colours, our range is suitable to reduce cross contamination.

Mops, buckets and handles
Our mops, buckets and handles also have a colour coded system in order to reduce cross-contamination. Perfect for cleaning medium to large areas, our mop range is the preferred choice for janitorial cleaners. Better yet, our mops are durable, machine washable and super absorbent, manufactured using high-quality synthetic yarns.

Paired with our 15-litre mop bucket, you can tackle spillages and clean floors with ease by using our raised cone wringer.
GDG have long been relied upon as the trusted supplier for cleaning and janitorial products. Trusted by the hotel industry, medical industry and more, we have been helping to make cleaners’ lives easier by providing quality products and providing a steady and reliable stream of stock when needed.


These are just some of the cleaning and janitorial products we supply here at GDG. If you would like to hear more about the products we provide, speak to one of our experts about how we can provide the perfect solution for your cleaning needs, as well as providing expert advice when you need it.