Covid Cleaning Myths - Debunked

Since the beginning of the Covid outbreak, many have asked our experts at GDG a great range of questions about cleaning during the pandemic.

One thing for sure is that practising good hygiene and disinfecting regularly is important for reducing the spread of coronavirus.
At GDG, we have a great range of products that help to disinfect suitably during this pandemic. But first, we want to help. Since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, we have seen some clever cleaning methods, some silly cleaning methods, and some dangerous cleaning methods.

So, let us debunk some cleaning myths!

MYTH #1: Only Commercial Disinfectants Work

This simply isn’t true. A product doesn’t have to be a name brand to suitably protect against Covid.

This is often where big brands with larger advertising budgets will try to trick people. We recommend that you read the label of the product that you are using and ensure that it includes all that is needed to disinfect properly.

MYTH #2: All Masks do the Same Job
There are now many types of masks out there for people to use. You have disposable ones, reusable ones and others. The main goal for all is ensuring that everybody is protected.

A reusable mask is suitable for some, but disposable can be better for those who work in the industrial sector. We recommend that you assess which mask best suits your situation and wear it accordingly.

MYTH 3#: Wearing gloves is safer than washing your hands

This myth is simply not true. Wearing gloves still holds the same risk as transferring germs from one surface to another. We recommend that you wash your hands regularly and if you do choose to wear gloves, only wear them for specific tasks.

MYTH 4#: Cleaning and disinfecting are the same things
There are some key differences between cleaning and disinfecting. Cleaning removes dirt and bacteria from a surface, reducing the number of germs in the cleaned environment.

Disinfecting is completely different. Disinfectant is often a chemical that is sprayed on a surface to kill the bacteria.

Remember to clean first, disinfect later!

MYTH 5#: Adding pepper to food cures Covid

We saw this theory floating around the internet. Unfortunately, it simply isn’t true. Adding spice and peppers to your food can make it delicious, but it does nothing in killing Covid bacteria.

To protect yourself from Covid, make sure that you wash your hands regularly, wear a mask and keep your distance when needed.


Our goal here at GDG is to ensure that everybody has an idea of how effective cleaning can be good for you and those around you. Our one-stop shop has all you need to clean all types of areas and surfaces effectively.

Having debunked some of the Coronavirus cleaning myths above, if there is anything you are unsure of, read the label of the product you are using or ask one of our experts.

Check out our range of cleaning products, we are a one-stop shop for all of your cleaning, disinfecting and hygiene needs.

** If you do develop Covid symptoms, please call a healthcare professional.

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