Covid Cleaning - Our Top 5 Tips to Keep Safe

During this pandemic, keeping clean is perhaps one of the most important things you do. Personal hygiene and disinfecting surfaces around you go a long way to preventing the spread of Coronavirus.

At GDG, we stock a range of cleaning products suitable for home or industrial use. With a wide range of stock from skincare, to janitorial to healthcare, we have become a one-stop-shop with all that you need.

In this blog post, we will take you through some of our top five cleaning tips in order to help reduce the spread of Coronavirus. Of course, if there is any cleaning advice you are not sure of, feel free to speak to one of our experts. If you feel that you have Covid-like symptoms, please speak to a healthcare professional.

So, without further ado, let’s get to our top five tips!


Tip #1: Wash your hands!

You hear and see this everywhere you go, but it’s true! Regularly washing your hands with hot soapy water is perhaps the best line of defence against Covid-19.

Alternatively, you can wash your hands with alcohol sanitiser. We recommend that the alcohol content is at least 60%. At GDG, we stock a range of soaps and sanitizers to help you wash your hands the best you can.

Tip #2: Disinfect surfaces!

A lot of surfaces in your home or workplace are what we like to call high-touch surfaces. This means that they can be touched by a lot of people throughout the working day. This could include light switches, door handles and remote controls.

Ensure to regularly wash surfaces like these with disinfectant or soapy water. Also, avoid touching your face if you happen to touch one of these surfaces!

Tip #3: Wash your clothes!

It is said that Coronavirus is caught more through airborne transmission rather than on clothes or surfaces, but at GDG we believe that you still must be careful.

Washing your clothes and then drying them at a higher temperature than you would normally is a good way to disinfect them. Also, if someone is unwell in your home, ensure to disinfect any surfaces that dirty laundry may have been sitting on.

At GDG, we stock a wide range of laundry capsules, laundry powder and laundry sanitiser.

Tip #4: Clean your phone!

Did you know that your average mobile phone has more germs than a toilet seat? Since our phones are often in our hands and often touching our faces, it is a great idea to use one of our GDG disinfectant wipes every so often.

Tip #5: Keep your area well aired!

This is perhaps the most simple tip here. Without the need for any cleaning products, simply opening your window and ensuring sufficient airflow can do a lot to move out stale air and bring fresh air in.

You don’t have to leave them open all day, but just keeping them open for a little while can make a surprising difference in eliminating any odours.

So, there it is, our five tips to keep on top of your cleaning to help keep Coronavirus at bay. Of course, if you have any cleaning queries, speak to one of our team. If you think you have any medical queries, please speak to a medical professional.

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