Protect Your Workers! Covid in the Workplace - GDG’s Top 5 Tips.

Covid precautions are being taken by workplaces all over the world at the moment. There are many different ways that you can approach these precautions, with many workplaces acting differently depending on their work environment.

At GDG, we have come up with a few tips that could be used in any workplace. No matter if you’re a bustling coffee shop, a large office or a construction site, implementing some of these tips will help to reduce the spread of Coronavirus.

Tip #1: Promote hand hygiene

Within the workplace, there are a lot of high-contact surfaces. This could include light switches, doorknobs and keypads. In a workplace, these objects could be touched by a high number of people throughout the day.

At GDG, we recommend placing hand cleaning stations around high contact points of the workplace. This could be near the entrance and exit, or perhaps by the toilets. A foot-operated hand sanitiser dispenser is a a great way to reduce contact and keep your employees clean.

If you feel that this is something that could benefit you, check out our wide range of handwashing stations and equipment.

Tip #2: Promote respiratory etiquette!

Around the workplace, you have coughers, sneezers and yawners. All of these increase the risk of airborne transmission of Coronavirus and other viruses.

To stop this, there are a few things that you could do. Simply, you could put posters around the office to encourage people to cover their mouths and wash their hands.

It is also a good idea to ensure that sufficient paper hygiene products are available in the workplace. With our range of paper products at GDG, we can provide all kinds of rolls and tissues to ensure that each of your workers can protect themselves and others by catching those coughs and sneezes!

Tip #3: Promote regular workplace cleaning schedules!

Promoting a regular workplace cleaning schedule helps to give your employees peace of mind. A bit simpler in smaller workplaces, implement an hourly schedule where one employee, on a rotating basis, takes just a few minutes to quickly disinfect and wipe down door handles, light switches and surfaces.

If you work in a larger workplace, then perhaps implement this but divide your workspace into different sections. Reducing contact and cleaning surfaces regularly helps to reduce the spread of Coronavirus and gives employees peace of mind.

At GDG, we stock a wide range of microfibre cloths, disinfectants and sanitisers. Visit our marketplace to see the cleaning products that we offer.

Tip #4: Encourage sick employees to stay home!

This tip is perhaps one of the most important ones. Sending an unwell employee home often does have a detrimental effect on the workflow of the rest of the day. Unfortunately, Coronavirus is an airborne virus that is easily transmitted.

Often, it is a better decision to send one unwell employee home rather than risk the whole workforce. Acting quickly and effectively in situations like this is often the better strategy rather than risking it and having more employees become sick.

Tip #5: Wear your PPE!

One of the best ways to prevent the spread of Coronavirus is to provide suitable PPE. Of course, in different work environments, a different level of PPE is required.

As more people get vaccinated, you may find that some employees will refuse to wear PPE. One thing we would recommend is just to ensure that all appropriate PPE is available for your employees to use should they need it. Check out our large range of PPE on our online shop.

If you need any other advice, speak to our experts on how you can keep your workplace clean and protect your employees. If you have any health-related queries, please speak to a healthcare professional.