First Aid at Work - 5 Reasons Why it’s Important to Stock Medical Equipment

A first aid kit can come in many forms. You may recognise it as a small red bag sat under a desk in the office, a green briefcase on a shelf in a construction site, or in an old tin box under your kitchen sink. No matter what form your first aid box is, they usually include some common components.

You may find plasters, bandages, antiseptic wipes and more. Within workplaces and hospitals, there are now pretty standardised requirements of what should be inside a first aid box. Whether you need one for home use or for any other environment, we stock kits that have more than you need.

So, find our top 5 reasons as to why you should stock medical equipment.

In some environments, it’s necessary

Within working environments and public spaces, some first aid kits have standardised items that are necessary. Some choose to buy available kits that include all that you need, others like to customize their own kits with all that they need and other items that they like to have on hand.

Whether your kit is needed from home, work or hospital use, our standardised kits have all that you need.

Treat people fast!

You never know when an emergency may happen. Having a first aid kit on hand is one of the best ways to treat someone as quickly as possible. Basic kits offer instant and effective care for common injuries such as cuts and burns.

Others aren’t as prepared as you think they are

Be a helping hand. Others around you may not be as aware of injuries and how to treat them. First aid kits come in handy when you are in a situation where someone else may need basic medical help.

The young and elderly are the most susceptible out of any age group to suffer an injury, using one of our first aid kits has become an invaluable medical item for all.

Sometimes, help can’t come straight away

There are situations where you may not have a phone to call for help, or an ambulance isn’t available for some amount of time. In these situations, a first aid kit becomes absolutely necessary.

Being able to treat cuts and burns before help arrives ensures that any injuries are kept sterile and in good condition before any further treatment.

Better yet, first aid kits are portable. They are an absolute necessity on camping trips and holidays where you may find yourself in a situation such as this.

Save a life

It may seem dramatic, but a first aid kit can truly save a life. Even the most basic of first aid kits can make all the difference when a child or elderly person suffers an injury. All the tools in a first aid kit are enough to help to reduce bleeding until help arrives.


At GDG, we stock all that you need to ensure that your workplace meets all first aid and medical requirements. We strongly encourage that if you need any medical advice to contact a healthcare professional. Yet, if you have any questions about how our products could benefit you, get in touch with one of our experts.