GDG’s Top 3 Cleaning Influencers - The Rise of Online Cleaning Content

With the rise of online content has come the rise of online cleaning content. Now when scrolling through Facebook or Instagram you may see many cleaning influencers showing you tips and tricks on how to clean your household appliances.

At GDG, we love that content like this is inspiring others to get enthusiastic about cleaning and sharing their tips and tricks or their favourite products. That’s one of the best things about cleaning, everybody does it. So why shouldn’t it be a popular topic that everyone can talk about?

It is great that these influencers with huge platforms are bringing cleaning to the forefront of people’s minds. So you can get inspired or even learn a new trick or two, here are our top three cleaning influencers.

Sophie Hinchcliffe @MrsHinchHome

Sophie Hinchcliffe, better known as Mrs Hinch, is probably the most popular cleaning influencer out there. Her #HinchArmy has grown to over 2.5 million since she shot to fame in 2018. Based in Essex, she has now struck a book deal to share all of her tips and tricks.

Mrs Hinch’s mantra is that a happy home equals a happy mind. Even just watching her Instagram stories you can see how she organises her housework and cooks meals for her family.

A hairdresser by trade, this cleaning influencer has become an inspiration to many with her famous white home that shines in every photo and video.

Gemma Bray @the_organised_mum
Gemma Bray is the woman behind @the_organised_mum. From Sevenoaks in Kent, she has become extremely popular as an organiser, often stocking products ‘to the brim’. One of her mantras is that she wants to help you to clean quickly so that you can focus on the important things in life. If you’re a parent with a busy lifestyle, this may be the influencer for you.

Since the birth of her third son, she believes that efficient cleaning is the perfect way of doing things. Gemma even provides a simple checklist for her followers who may be struggling. Providing tips on how to deal with overwhelming households, @the_organised_mum wants to help you clean better and get back to the things you love most.

Lynsey Crombie @Lynsey_QueenOfClean
Lynsey is one of our favourite cleaning accounts and influencers. As a busy mum of three, she has developed into a TV cleaning expert and best selling author.

Now amassing over 143,000 followers, you can find her on TV in Channel 4’s ‘Obsessive Compulsive Cleaners’. The self-titled ‘Queen of Clean’ is the go-to person for simple and economical cleaning hacks around the home. You can find tips to remove pesky stains, how to fold sheets perfectly and how to make old rusty pans sparkle and shine.



You can find these cleaning influencers on Instagram, Facebook and other social platforms. They can help to give you simple tips and tricks on how to not only clean to the best of your abilities but to help restore some balance in your life.

At GDG, we are committed to helping you be a better cleaner and to enjoy cleaning, all the while providing you with high-quality products. So, as well as looking at these influencers for tips and tricks, you can also come to GDG for expert cleaning advice and a steady and reliable supply of cleaning products.