Housekeeping - How GDG Can Help

So, what is housekeeping and how can we help? Housekeeping, in this case, relates to all kinds of cleaning tasks that can occur in the home. This can include carpet cleaning, glass cleaning and polishing.

At GDG, we believe that good housekeeping can further help with all aspects of cleaning. We also stock a range of approved cleaning products that are suitable for use in hotels and other ‘home’ environments.

We offer a wide range of cleaning services that are not only suitable for industrial and work use, but also your own home or hotel rooms. So, let’s see how our products can keep your home spick and span.


We offer a wide range of polishes for your home. We stock furniture polish, hard surface polish and more. Our ready-to-use can be effective in one application, leaving a fine finish and sophisticated fragrance. We also offer no-fragrance options.

Air fresheners

Our ready to use air fresheners are long-lasting with a quality designer fragrance. Ideal for hotels, nightclubs, department stores, theatres, theatres, cinemas, public buildings, nursing homes, cruise liners and your own home. Our products don’t mask smells, they remove them.

Carpet Cleaners

At GDG, we believe in clean carpets! Say goodbye to coffee stains, pet stains, red wine stains and more. Our carpet shampoo gives professional results and can also be used for spot cleaning.

Check out our range of carpet cleaners that provide a safe and quick solution for all kinds of stains, ensuring not to damage or discolour fabrics. We are Woolsafe approved! Ask our experts about how our approved products are safe for use in your environment.

Multi-Surface Cleaner

Our neutral multi-surface cleaner offers a long-lasting fragrance and keeps your surfaces clean and fresh. Our cleaners are suitable for use on surfaces such as marble, terrazzo, anti-slip and textured floors, laminate flooring, metallised polish, ceramic tiles, aluminium, stainless steel and other water washable surfaces.

This product is suitable for schools, hotels, offices, leisure centres and your own home. Make light work of dirt and grime.

Glass Cleaner

Our glass cleaners offer great performance on glass and mirrors, no matter how dirty they are. Our sophisticated formula leaves your glass shining and free from fingerprints. Trust our experts at GDG for the best advice and products to keep your glass looking the best it can be.

Mould and Mildew Removers

Perhaps one of our most popular products, our formula is the quick and safe solution on mould and stains. Our powerful formula not only kills mould but helps to prevent regrowth. Bring your grout, seals and tiles back to their original shine with our reliable mould removing solutions.


Our range of housekeeping products is essential in the running of any home. Furthermore, we can offer a reliable range to the hotel cleaning industry.

Having a good stock of housekeeping products is like having a home sidekick, helping you to keep your home looking spick and span with ease.

If you have any questions about any of our products, just ask one of our experts! With years of experience in the industry, they will happily answer any query you may have.