Infection Control - How GDG Can Help

Infection control is perhaps now more important than ever. Everybody is becoming more conscious not to spread germs as much.

Even post-covid, we can expect raised standards in ensuring that surfaces are clean in order to prevent healthcare-associated infections. Therefore, ensuring that the environment around you is disinfected is the first step in protecting yourself and others.

At GDG, we stock a wide range of products that are helpful with infection control. Just as importantly, we have a team of in house experts who are able to advise if you have anything you are unsure about. We want you to be confident in your cleaning, that’s why we are always happy to help.

So, let’s see what cleaning products we stock that can help with your infection control.


We stock a wide range of bleach products and solutions that can confidently kill and eliminate pathogenic bacteria. Ensuring that your area can be as clean as possible, regular use also helps to prevent the build-up of slime and fungi.

Our range of bleach products are suitable to disinfect drains, floors and lavatories. It can also be used on waste pipes and other areas that need a powerful disinfectant.

Especially popular in schools and hospitals, you can be sure that our range of bleach products can be relied upon to keep surfaces free from bacteria for a long time.


We have a wide range of disinfectants from antiviral, to daily cleaning and more. Our disinfectants are designed to kill 99.00% of bacteria and can be used safely on any water washable surface. Not only is it versatile in use, but kills odour producing bacteria and neutralises unpleasant odours.

Furthermore, our range kills MRSA. Speak to our experts about what disinfectant is best suited for you and how our powerful formulation can become your sidekick in your cleaning routine.


At GDG, we stock the most trusted cleaning products. As a part of this, we are happy to present our sanitiser range. Perfect for infection control, our stock can kill MRSA as well as 99.99% of germs, passing BS EN 1276 standards in 30 seconds.

Better yet, our range of sanitisers are safe for a wide variety of applications as it will not taint food contact surfaces. Speak to our experts about our range of odourless, neutral sanitisers.



Some say that infection control and prevention is perhaps the most important cleaning routine in the kitchen and hospital industry. Ensuring that patients do not get ill from bacteria-ridden surfaces and that food remains untainted is key to the smooth running of any hospital or kitchen.

Our range of infection control products are suitable for use in many kinds of environments. Not only are our products reliable, but our team of experts are always on hand to talk about how you can get the most out of our products.

Come and explore our range of high-end products in our one-stop shop or if you need any advice, get in touch, we would love to help.