Kitchen & Catering Hygiene - How GDG Can Help

Did you know that cleaning for two hours burns around 200 calories? Anyway, let’s talk about how GDG can help you with your kitchen and catering hygiene. Our experts are always happy to help with any types of cleaning queries you have and how you can use our products to their full potential.

Our range of food hygiene products can be bought in bulk and are suitable for use in both professional and home kitchens. Rely on us and ensure that you can be vigilant on stock levels so your business can continue to run smoothly.


Our exceptional detergent degreaser contains all of the necessary chemicals and emulsifiers to remove food, oils and fats. Perfect for kitchen use, our degreasers are pH-neutral and odourless.

Our degreasers can also be used for floor cleaning, hard surfaces, and can even degrease clothing! Our heavy-duty degreaser is an excellent all-round cleaner for most surfaces, cutting through fat, oils and proteins with ease and leaving a sparkling surface.


Our range of descalers are effective in removing limescale from all kinds of appliances such as kettles, irons and showerheads. Our customers love it’s fragrance-free and is safe for use in kitchens and beverage machines.

Our fast-acting formula is safe on stainless steel, perfect for use in the food and catering industry. Feel free to speak to our team at GDG on how to best use our range of descalers.

Dishwasher Liquid

At GDG, we stock a large range of dishwasher friendly powders, capsules and liquids. Our stock helps to prevent spots and hazing on crockery and glassware, leaving a sparkling finish.

We provide odourless and high foam formulation products that are perfect for use in the food industry and catering markets, ensuring that no dangerous chemicals are used that could cause unnecessary damage.

We also provide a range of products that are both effective in soft and hard water areas with an included anti-corrosive agent that helps to protect your dishwasher for long term use and prevents scaling to aid removal of stains.

Speak to our team at GDG about how our extensive range of dishwasher products can help your kitchen to run more efficiently.

Oven cleaners

At GDG, we have all you need to clean your ovens thoroughly. We provide a ready to use thin liquid that contains a high concentration of degreasing agents and alkalis. Perfect for use in the food industry and all types of ovens and grills.

Our powerful formula is effective in the removal of grease, oil and burnt carbon deposits without the need for scrubbing and scraping.

We supply the popular Koral range which, with compatible ovens, is dosed automatically on the ovens automatic cleaning programme.

See our range of products to reduce water spot marking and help to control water scale. Rely on us to keep your stock sufficient and ensure a smoothly run kitchen.



Our range of sanitisers kill 99.99% of germs and work in 30 seconds! Our non-bleach formula is perfect for use in kitchens, is safe for a wide variety of applications and will not taint food contact surfaces.

Keep your kitchen clean with our range at GDG



Our wide range of kitchen products are enough to keep any professional kitchen running smoothly.

If you have any questions about any of our products, just ask one of our experts!