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Top 5 Kitchen Cleaning Life Hacks

27 Aug, 2021

Keeping your kitchen nice and clean can be seen as a task that needs to be kept on top of regularly. Since food is often made there multiple times a day, it means that it often needs to be cleaned multiple times a day. Although at GDG we can’t be sure what your kitchen cleaning…

Catering Supplies – How GDG Can Help

27 Aug, 2021

GDG have been a long-trusted supplier to the catering industry, professional kitchens have relied upon us to supply quality and reliable stream of products. Having everything you need in a professional kitchen and the catering industry is perhaps one of the most important factors to make things run smoothly.

Cleaning & Janitorial – How GDG Can Help

27 Aug, 2021

GDG have worked closely with cleaning staff for a number of years and aim to truly understand what each cleaning person would want and need in their arsenal. This is why at GDG we stock all that you need to carry out your cleaning and janitorial duties effectively, with the most reliable range of products.

Top 5 Car Cleaning Tips – GDG’s Secrets to a Perfect Finish

27 Aug, 2021

Car cleaning often divides a lot of the customers that we speak to. Some love to get into the nooks and crannies of their motor, whereas others are quite happy to just pop to the car wash once every so often. Although it can be tricky to get a car as clean as the professionals…