Laundry - How GDG Can Help

Our laundry products are trusted by the hotel and hospitality industries, ensuring that their bedsheets, uniforms and other items are washed in a quality and timely manner.

At GDG, we stock a wide range of laundry products that are also suitable for home use. Treating cotton gently, GDG can supply a steady and reliable supply of laundry products to ensure that you never run out of any of your necessary items so that your business and laundry routine can keep moving successfully.


So, what laundry products do we offer that are able to help you clean and wash better?

Laundry liquid

Perhaps one of our most popular laundry products, our formula of non-biological laundry liquid is suitable for all types of washing machines, whether you use this in your own home or for industrial use.

Our formula specialises in tackling stubborn stains, ensuring that your clothes smell fresh and are clean. No matter whether you live in a soft or hard water area, or even prefer using low-temperature wash programmes, our formula still ensures that your laundry is clean.

Suitable for both machine or hand washing, this product is suitable for sensitive skin, is biodegradable and phosphate-free.

Laundry powder

We stock a wide and reliable range of laundry powders here at GDG. Trusted upon by many customers, our formula is specially made for a low lather and is ideal for use in all kinds of washing machines. With plenty of washes per box, our products offer optimum levels of whiteness.

You can trust our range for a no-mess system for cleaning clothing and fabrics, containing enzymes to break dirt down for a nice bright wash.

Laundry capsules

Our laundry capsules are a convenient, no-mess system which is suitable for all types of washing machines. Our customers particularly love that this product is not only biological but easy dosing.

Laundry destainer

Our laundry destainer is a perfect addition to laundry cycles to break down and deal with heavily stained fabrics. Our formula is designed to break down stains and is perfect in conjunction with laundry detergents with automatic washing machines.

Our product is suitable for use in nursing homes, hospitals, hotels and large laundries, perfect for reducing the risk of cross-infection from laundered fabrics.

Laundry sanitiser

Our laundry sanitisers are perfect for killing bacteria during the laundry washing progress. Offering high levels of bactericidal protection, our sanitiser is perfect for use in establishments that launder infected fabrics, such as care homes or hospitals.

If you have any questions about how our products can help to better your laundry routine, speak to our team of experts at GDG.

Laundry additives

Our range of laundry additives are perfect to round off any washing cycle, ensuring that your fabrics are coming out of every single wash at the best quality possible.

Our formulation of starch, stabilisers and preservatives ensure outstanding performance and provide a gentle hold. Able to be used automatically or by hand, this product is ideal for use in nursing homes, hospitals, hotels and more.


Our range of laundry products at GDG are perfect for home use, nursery use, medical use and care home use. At GDG, we truly have a product for everybody. Speak to our team of experts about how you can better utilise your laundry routine.