Laundry - Our Top Four Tips for Perfect Laundry Every Time

If you’re reading this, it’s likely that you already know how to wash laundry. It’s something that many of us do every single day. Of course, we have all been in a situation where some washes don’t quite come out as well as others.

Well, by following these tips we hope that no matter what ‘laundry level’ you are at, that you might learn something. We believe that at GDG there are always ways to improve the way you clean.

At GDG we are not only committed to providing quality cleaning products, but we are also committed to ensuring that you are all cleaning safely and effectively.

washing clothes

So, without further ado, let’s see our top tips on how to improve our laundry routines.

Pick the right detergent!

Let’s put this simply, not all detergents are suitable for all kinds of washes! You might have expected us to say “just pick GDG!”. Although we do stock a range of detergents that are suitable for different kinds of washes, we encourage you to choose your detergents wisely.

If you’re not sure, you are welcome to speak to our team here at GDG about which detergents may be suitable for you.

For example, powdered detergents work best for general loads and liquid detergents are great for pretreating stains.

Well, what about single-dose pods or packs? These are great and convenient, ensuring that you aren’t overloading but can be a bit more costly.

Use less detergent

“What!?” I hear you say, as a company selling a product encourages you to use less of it. Well, so many laundry issues are caused by using way too much detergent, creating unnecessary suds that trap dirt.

Try using one half less and see if you are happy with the results, you could save yourself some money! Plus, if your washer smells a bit funny then using less detergent may just solve your problem.

Although our mission at GDG is to be a one-stop shop for all the cleaning products you need, we also aim to educate and help you wash better.

Keep your washer healthy

Your washer is just like any other appliance, it needs to be cleaned sometimes too. Creating a routine of wiping down the washer’s interior and giving a short hot wash cycle, followed by a rinse is a great way of ensuring that not only your washer stays clean, but so does your clothes.

Don’t forget to also get your washer serviced as often as your particular model requests. Not only will this keep your clothes cleaner, but save you money in the long run as a healthy washing machine is destined to last longer.

Don’t scrub stains

Some see a stain on clothing or fabric and get the instinct to give it a big old scrub. This could result in making the stain bigger and rubbing it deeper into the fabric.

Instead, from the outside in, dab the stain. The sooner you do this after the stain has happened, the more likely it will have been treated effectively.



There are our top 4 tips on improving your laundry routine. At GDG, we stock all you need to follow the tips above, as well as any other laundry products you can think of. We are a one-stop shop for all kinds of cleaning products, as well as offering expert support.