Make the most of your PPE in the workplace - GDG’s tips

PPE is becoming necessary in most workplaces. From offices, schools, worksites and more, you will often see a ready supply of gloves, masks and hand gels. Even more so, in some environments, you may see full visors and hazmat suits.

The rules on the wearing of PPE are forever changing due to government advice and down to individual personal preference. At GDG, we just want to ensure that if you are choosing to wear PPE, that we can help you to do so with maximum effect.


So, how can you and your company best utilise PPE in the workplace?

Best ensure that stock is available

Have you ever been in a situation where you go to walk into the supermarket, you check your pockets and you have no mask? Well, we don’t want that to happen in the workplace either. Ensure that the managers in your workplace are providing a steady and ample supply of the relevant PPE and that all those who require extra levels of PPE, or even none at all, are catered for.

At GDG, we stock all kinds of PPE suitable for any kind of workplace, from an office to a hospital. If you need any extra advice on what PPE stock may be best suitable for your situation, just speak to one of our experts.

Know when PPE should be used

Your managers within the workplace should have appropriate signage to say what PPE should be used in what area, all the while catering for those with disabilities that may make them exempt.

Ensuring that everybody is accounted for and treated fairly is sometimes a bit tricky, but having appropriate and friendly visual cues around the workplace can do a lot of the work for you.

Talk to your employees

Ensuring that your employees are comfortable is extremely important for staff wellbeing during this pandemic. Be sure to ask your employees if they think that some areas need more PPE, less PPE, whether the company is providing enough resources, what you could do better? You may be surprised by the positive impact this could have on your working environment.

Perform regular inspections

PPE wears out over time, even on some products you will find expiry dates. Wearing ineffective PPE is just as effective as wearing no PPE at all. This is why it should be implemented into the workplace routine that somebody is to inspect whether all PPE available is suitable. By establishing clear guidelines and training your workforce on how to use PPE correctly, you can guarantee a safer working environment with fewer illnesses.


Of course, with all this advice we do encourage workplaces to take this in tandem with the most recent government guidance. However, we still strongly believe that communication with workers about what makes them comfortable and having appropriate guidelines are key.
At GDG, we stock all kinds of PPE that have been relied on by hospitals and surgeries. We can be trusted to supply a steady and reliable stream of stock on masks, visors and more. Speak to one of our experts on how we can keep your workforce safe.