Paper Hygiene - How GDG Can Help

Did you know that wet skin can still spread bacteria? Proper drying equipment and technique are now essential. Whether you are drying your hands or spilling up a small spill, GDG stock a range of paper hygiene products that can meet the needs of your establishment.
Check out our range of paper hygiene products and how they could help to reduce the spread of bacteria. Our cost-effective solutions are able to be bought in bulk, ensuring that you can be vigilant on stock levels so that your business can continue to run smoothly.



A good choice of quality and economy, this 2 ply centrefeed flat sheet offers the absorbency required for larger spills at a competitive price.

Often used in bars and restaurants, you may recognise them as “the big blue roll”. You can buy these from us in packs of six.

Not only can these be used around the workplace, but can be fixed to one location within a specified dispenser.

Couch Rolls

Our couch rolls are often used in doctors, dentists and beauty salons so that furniture is protected when being used by a client or patient.

This 2ply product is 50 centimetres by 50 metres and can be bought in packs of nine, providing all you need to cover your furniture for a quick turnaround.

Facial Tissues

Our standard-sized box of soft white 2-ply facial tissues are ideal and often used in medical, salon and professional settings where a convenient and comfortable cleaning wipe is needed.

This two-ply product can be bought in bulk and is perfect for catching sneezes and coughs, with its soft feel acting gently.

Handtowel Sheets

Our hand towel sheets are soft and absorbent, glued together and micro embossed to provide a luxury-towel like experience, providing a pleasurable hand drying experience.

Great value paper hand towels that are ideal for industrial locations, busy washrooms, schools and local authorities. The single folded towels dispense easily, presenting a leaf for the next user to pull down. This maximises hygiene by avoiding any contact with the dispenser.

Kitchen Roll

Our kitchen rolls are scrubbable and wringable. Perfectly absorbent, they are great for cleaning up all types of spillages around your kitchen.

These are a secret weapon for any chef or kitchen professional.

Buy in bulk from us and make great savings, all the while making quick work of any kitchen spillage.

Toilet Paper

Our Bliss toilet roll products are not only laminated but are micro-embossed, providing a luxury wiping experience.

Our toilet rolls have a stronger and softer sheet allowing for comfortability and greater absorption, perfect for home and the workplace.



As you can see, we provide a wide range of paper hygiene products. Having a good stock of paper hygiene or at home in the workplace is like having a cleaning sidekick, being able to clean small spillages with ease!

If you have any questions about any of our products, just ask one of our experts! With years of experience in the industry, they will happily answer any query you may have.