PPE - How GDG Can Help

At GDG, we have all the kinds of PPE you may need for both to supply the workplace, the medical industry or for personal use. PPE is becoming increasingly necessary in public spaces and workplaces, hospitals, supermarkets and more have become increasingly responsible for supplying PPE for those who may have forgotten.

GDG are able to supply a steady and reliable flow of stock, ensuring that you aren’t running out and continue to meet required guidelines. So, how can we help?


We stock a range of disposable aprons that are often used in the medical industry. We have great stock levels available. Our fully lined waterproof aprons are sure to protect you from all kinds of spillages or mess.

Disposable overalls

Also popular in the medical industry, this is perhaps one of the most protective forms of PPE. We have these available in single and bulk quantities, with a variety of products to meet different client’s requests.

Often referred to as paper overalls, our range is comfortable with a long zip, is lightweight, disposable and anti-static.


Our PPE gloves are available in a range of sizes and are also available as powdered and powder-free. As a UK supplier, we are able to supply you with a steady supply of stock in order to meet your PPE routines and requirements.

Protect your hands and wrists from potential spillages and reduce surface contact, reducing the chances of illness. IF you are unsure how to use gloves most effectively, be sure to follow healthcare guidelines.

Masks & Visors

Helping to keep you safe in public spaces, as a UK supplier we are able to provide a reliable and strong stream of stock, ensuring that you are able to keep those around you and those you are responsible for safe and that you are meeting the required guidelines.

Covering the mouth and nose, our range of disposable face masks have been relied upon by medical staff, office staff and individuals.

Our visors are an alternative option to masks and are sometimes the preferred option for those who aren’t comfortable wearing masks. Although they provide less protection than masks, you can use our visors as an extra layer of protection or just to ensure the shielding of the face.

Oversleeves & Overshoes

Our oversleeves and overshoes add an extra layer of protection and are relied upon by the medical and cleaning industry, amongst others. Worn over regular sleeves or shoes, they help to protect against water, mud, cold or infection.

Our supply is waterproof and is perfect in order to provide an extra layer of personal protective equipment where a sterile environment is needed. We have a range of colours and sizes available.



PPE guidelines and regulations are ever-changing. Nonetheless, there is still a responsibility for workplaces to provide a supply of protective wear for their staff and for other environments to keep sterile. As a UK supplier of PPE, we are able to provide a range of stock and ensure that you are able to continue to protect others.