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COFFEE SLEEVES 12oz – 1×1000

The sleeve design also provides a better grip when carrying, reducing spills and drops in your premises whilst reducing the risk of burn injuries.

Sold in a bulk pack of 1000, these disposable coffee cup sleeves will also last you through many services, saving you money on frequent replacement packs.

Product features

Capacity 341ml/ 454ml (12/16oz)
Dimensions 60(H) x 127(W) x 4(D)mm
Material Cardboard
Weight 4.02kg
Colour Brown
Keeps guests’ hands cool and prevents burn injuries
Offers great heat insulation to keep drinks hot for longer
Gives customers a better grip of their drink
Easy to apply to disposable cups during busy periods of service
Supplied in a pack of 1000 for long-lasting stock
Perfect for use with coffees, teas and hot chocolates during the winter months
For use with 12/16oz disposable coffee cups