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Detergent Degreaser

Suitable for scrubber driers.

A highly specialised degreaser, which incorporates a blend of emulsifiers for the removal of liquid oils and grease from non-permeable surfaces.

A blue viscous liquid with a formula consisting of a wide range of non-ionic surfactants to remove oils and grease of different types.

As a pH neutral product that is completely solvent-free, DD10 can be used on all surfaces in complete safety.

Ideal to remove vegetable oils, animal fats, mineral oils and grease from all impermeable surfaces, DD10 is suitable to clean solvent and alkaline sensitive surfaces

Recommended for use throughout the food industry; kitchens, bakeries, pie-making, savoury snack factories and meat processing plants. DD10 is used in garages and engineering works to clean floors, equipment, fixtures and fittings.

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