Experience the pinnacle of cleaning prowess with Prochem Powerclean D488-05, a high-strength alkaline cleaner designed to tackle oils, grease, and heavy soiling. This versatile solution is engineered to provide exceptional results in various cleaning applications, making it your ultimate choice for challenging cleaning tasks.

Key Features of Prochem Powerclean D488-05:

  • Wide Range Cleaning: Prochem Powerclean D488-05 effortlessly handles a variety of tough stains, including oils, grease, and stubborn soiling. With its high-strength formulation, it ensures thorough cleaning, leaving surfaces spotless and refreshed.
  • Versatile Application: Suitable for use in pressure washers, floor scrubber-driers, and rotary scrubbing machines, this cleaner adapts to diverse cleaning equipment. Whether you’re cleaning floors, machinery, or surfaces, this solution delivers consistent and reliable results.
  • Striking Appearance: Recognizable by its dark blue liquid, Prochem Powerclean D488-05 signifies power and efficiency. Its distinctive appearance represents its ability to tackle even the most challenging cleaning tasks with ease.
  • Pleasing Fragrance: Infused with a light pine and mint fragrance, this cleaner offers a refreshing olfactory experience. Enjoy the combination of powerful cleaning and a delightful aroma, enhancing your cleaning sessions.
  • Highly Dilutable: Achieve optimal cleaning results without wastage. Dilute Prochem Powerclean D488-05 at a ratio of 1:50, ensuring efficient usage. Experience cost-effective cleaning without compromising on performance.

Prochem Powerclean D488-05 is your go-to solution for heavy-duty cleaning needs. Whether you’re cleaning industrial equipment, commercial spaces, or challenging outdoor surfaces, this cleaner delivers unparalleled results. Elevate your cleaning routine with the exceptional power of Prochem Powerclean D488-05 and witness the transformative impact on your cleaning endeavours.