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UK’s No.1 deodorant brand
All-day fresh and clean energising fragrance with fresh citrus, spices and wood tones
48h protection against wetness and odour
Dermatologically tested & alcohol free
Sure, It won’t let you down
Unique Motionsense technology meaning the more you move, the more it protects

Sure Men Quantum Dry anti-perspirant deodorant aerosol 150ml is made to provide 48 hour protection against sweat and odour, so you can feel fresh, dry and protected all day long. This anti-perspirant deodorant has an invigorating and energising scent with fresh citrus, spices and wood tones, giving you the confidence to keep moving all day long, whilst feeling fresh and dry. With MotionSense technology, this men’s anti-perspirant deodorant delivers freshness with every move. Microcapsules sit on the skin and break as you move, releasing a powerful burst of the clean, energising fragrance and give you the confidence to take your day to the next level.