Skincare - How GDG Can Help

At GDG, we know that skincare can be the top priority for some people’s routines. Almost like a daily ritual, people will have their preferred way and order in applying certain sanitisers, soaps and moisturizers.

At GDG, we don’t mind what order you apply all of your products. All we do know is that we know that we can help. We stock all kinds of high-end skincare products that are able to help your skin breathe and leave you glowing! Not only this, but we stock a wide range of bathing products, so you can smell fresh.


So, what can we provide you with?

Hair and body shampoo

Make our shampoo part of your washing routine! Our fragranced, high-quality hair and body shampoo is made with a pH-balanced formula with all the conditioning agents to ensure that you are cleansed, conditioned and freshened in just one application.

Our high-foaming and sensitive formula ensures that this product is suitable for all types of skin and hair. This product is ideal for sports centres, hotel rooms, health clubs and shower areas.

Hand gel

Have you ever used a hand gel that left your skin feeling unhealthy and dry? At GDG, we believe that skin should be able to breathe and live healthily. That’s why our hand gels are stuffed full of nutrients and moisturizers to maintain skin health. Better yet, it kills 99.99% of common germs.

Trusted by hospitals, our formula leaves hands feeling soft and refreshed. Enjoy our rapid-drying spa-inspired wash that offers a luxurious lather and a pleasant botanical fragrance, all the while killing germs at the same time.

Hand soaps

Our hand soaps are cosmetic grade and lathers into a rich silky foam. Gentle on your skin, it is suitable for all skin types. Leaving a subtle fragrance on the skin, it comes in flavours such as almond blossom or aloe vera.

Better yet, this product can be used as a hand and body wash too. We recommend this product for use in the most prestigious establishments, where every detail is essential in maintaining excellent standards, ensuring that skin is moisturized and soft.

Skin Replenishing Cream

Perfect for after the working day, ensure that your hands remain soft. Often when working in a busy environment, your hands are in danger of going dry and cracking, which can be painful.

Our formula used cosmetic-grade raw materials to create a universal skin reconditioner. Suitable for all skin types, our replenishing cream and moisturizer helps to rebalance natural oils in the skin that can be depleted during the working day.

Enjoy our hand replenishing cream which is popular with engineers, warehouse staff and the healthcare industry.



So, there you have it! At GDG, we stock all you need in terms of skincare, whether it’s for home use or for commercial use. Our products can be relied upon and by trusting GDG, you can be sure to maintain a steady stream of stock so that your business can run smoothly.
If you have any questions about how GDG can help or wondering if we stock any particular product, just get in touch. We are always happy to help.