Top 4 Carpet Cleaning Tips - Keep your carpet clean with GDG

When in a busy house or office environment, keeping a clean carpet can be such a task. Even if you have a deep cleaning carpet routine, there are always bound to be spills and stains popping up in between.

At GDG, we stock all kinds of carpet treatment products including stains removers, odour removers and more. However, we want to be able to help you to deal with any carpet mishaps no matter what.

Carpet cleaning

So, see our top four tips from our experts on how a few simple tricks can help you to keep your carpet looking and smelling like new.

Treat stains as quickly as possible!
With any carpet stain, perhaps the most important thing with treating it is ensuring that you treat it not only correctly, but as soon as possible. As soon as the stain occurs, try to treat it as quickly as possible.

First things first, never rub the stain. Whether it’s tea, wine or paint… never rub it! This runs the risk of ruining the carpet fibres.

Try to gently blot the stain with a clean towel so that the stain is absorbed, ensuring to blot from the outer edge inwards.

As an extra step, if you are dealing with a mud stain then ensure to let the mud dry before dealing with it.

Remove hair with a Squeegee
It’s not only stains that can make a mess on a carpet, hair can get caught up quite a lot too. Whether it’s your own hair or hair from your pet, ensure to keep on top of it.

Our tip is to try a squeegee. Although usually used to clean windows, it can do wonders in scooping up all kinds of pet hair and gunk. To remove all of the hair, just wet the squeegee and rub it back and forth across your carpet. The rubber ends will loosen even the most stubborn of hairs.

Get rid of gum!
There’s not much worse than getting gum stuck on your carpet. Even before it dries it can be extremely tricky to get rid of without damaging your carpet fibres. You may be tempted just to pull the gum off as hard as you can, but there’s a better way! Hear us out.

Get some ice cubes, place them in a plastic bag and press them against the chewing gum for at least a minute. In doing so, you will be able to use a knife or spoon to scrape up the frozen gum without causing significant damage to the carpet.

Use a spray to get rid of odours!
Picture the scene; you have been on your knees scrubbing out that unsightly red stain from your carpet and although it’s gone, your carpet fibres still smell of red wine. We have all been there!

Well, the best way to eliminate an odour is by making use of sprays when cleaning. Using one of our effective sprays can help to not only mask smells, but get rid of any odour lurking in your carpet.


Well, there you have it! We hope you learned something new. If you need any extra advice on how to keep your carpet spick and span, don’t hesitate to speak to our experts who can help you find the perfect product for you.