Top 5 Housekeeping Tips - Keep your home spick and span with GDG’s Cleaning Tips

With a dirty carpet, you can forget your five-second rule! Good housekeeping makes the overall cleaning process so much easier. So, to keep your home spick and span, let’s go through our top 5 carpet cleaning tips.


Tip #1 – Cross the finish line with a lint roller!

Cleaning carpets can sometimes feel like an Olympic sport. You can often find yourself on your knees scrubbing or blotting away at your favourite new rug! At GDG, we offer a great range of carpet stain removers and carpet shampoo.

These products are sure to keep your carpet looking stain-free and fresh! However, we recommend an extra step. Although our products will make your carpet look as clean as it can be, simply using a lint roller on pesky areas can leave your carpet look brand new. Be sure to bring some elbow grease though!


Tip #2 – Don’t clean your windows in the sun!

When it’s nice and sunny, you may be tempted to get your hose out to clean your windows. You may catch a nice suntan, but this isn’t always the best way of doing things.

When it’s super hot, your cleaning product will often dry onto the hot window before you get a chance to wipe it clean, leaving stubborn streaks. Instead, start with the side of the house in the shade or clean your windows when it’s a bit colder so you can enjoy your nice streak-free view on a hot day.


Tip #3 – Before you do anything, remove dust and dirt

Before cleaning your windows, be sure to get rid of dirt. You can do this with a cloth or with the dust attachment on your hoover.

If you don’t get rid of dust and dirt before cleaning, you may find that the hot water and chemicals can turn your windowpane into a muddy mess.

Of course, if you are unsure how to best go about cleaning your windows, our experts at GDG are always on hand to suggest the best methods and products.


Tip #4 – Open your windows!

This simple step can make the biggest difference. When cleaning your home, opening up the curtains and windows allows for natural light and better airflow. 

IT’s almost like cleaning with a fresh canvas. It allows natural light into the room and provides good ventilation for when you are using cleaning chemicals. Better yet, it gives you a better view so you can spot any hard to see stains!


Tip #5 – Pop the kettle on, let the products do the work!

When you’ve been working hard, you certainly deserve a rest. When using quality products, such as from GDG’s range, you can let the products do the work for a bit. When you come back, you’ll find that you will need a little less elbow grease.


So, there you have it! There are our top 5 housekeeping tips. Housekeeping can sometimes be a mundane task but having a good housekeeping schedule can help other tasks run as smoothly as possible.

At GDG, we stock a wide range of quality and reliable cleaning products such as carpet cleaners, glass cleaners and more. If there is anything that you’re unsure of, be sure to speak to one of our experts who are always happy to help.