Top 5 Kitchen Cleaning Life Hacks

Keeping your kitchen nice and clean can be seen as a task that needs to be kept on top of regularly. Since food is often made there multiple times a day, it means that it often needs to be cleaned multiple times a day.

Although at GDG we can’t be sure what your kitchen cleaning routine is, we do have some tips to make your life easier. From teabags to lemons, some of these life hacks will surprise you and better yet, ensure that your kitchen is sparkling.

clean kitchen

Keep your garbage disposal smelling fresh!
No matter how clean your kitchen is, having a smelly garbage disposal can be extremely off-putting. Of course, there are many sprays and deodorisers available. For a simple and cheap fix, one of our hacks is to use lemon ice cubes.

To make lemon ice cubes, fill an ice tray with lemon wedges, water and salt. Simply popping these near your bins, down the sink or garbage disposal will help to get rid of any bad odours. The salt rock scrubs the blades while the ice gets rid of grime, with the lemon keeping things smelling fresh. A triple threat!

Unclog your drains with this simple trick
I’m sure that you will have heard many tales and tricks on how to unclog a drain. Well here’s one that we found has worked consistently.

Pour one kettle’s worth of hot water down your drain and follow it up with one cup of baking soda and one cup of vinegar. Doing so, you will see the solution start to bubble up. Give it a few minutes and then pour down another kettle’s worth of hot water. In doing so, you should find that you will have a nice clear drain.

Make microwave cleaning simple!
Since a microwave is used so often, cleaning off the strains can sometimes get a little tricky. Well, here’s a trick to loosen some of those stains.

Fill a bowl up with water and a few tablespoons of white vinegar. Pop it in the microwave until the window steams up. Once done, you will find that any stains and hardened food will have loosened and will come off with a simple wipe.

Let’s get that sink shining!
Anyone with a stainless steel kitchen sink will know how quickly it can get grimy and dirty. So, let’s use a simple method to clean it up.

First things first, get that sink nice and wet and then sprinkle in some baking soda. Then, use a wet cloth with some soap and scrub. Once you’re satisfied, rinse with warm water and buff with a dry cloth. It sounds simple enough, but by following these steps you’ll have such a sparkling sink that you may need some sunglasses.

Use tea to save splatters
Perhaps one of our more unusual tips, brew an EXTREMELY pot of tea and wipe it on your stove. The tea will make it difficult for any kinds of gunk, grease and food to stick and collect, making it simple to wipe down any mess from your stove.


So, there are some of our kitchen life hacks! These can often save you and help to keep your kitchen sparkling when you don’t have any cleaning products to hand. Try them out and let us know how they worked for you. Or, if you prefer, check out our range of kitchen cleaning products from our one-stop shop.