Washroom Products - How GDG Can Help

GDG has all that you need to keep your washroom germ free and sparkling. We stock bleach, disinfectants, toilet cleaner and more. We have been relied upon by nursing homes, hotels and hospitals to supply a steady stream of stock to help businesses run their cleaning schedules smoothly.

Cleaning the washroom is often people’s least favourite part of any cleaning routine, but with GDG’s top range products we can make this task a little easier.

washroom cleaning

So, let’s see what products GDG can offer to help take your washroom cleaning routine to the next level.

Perfect for removing stains, our range of bleach products are ideal for cleaning and disinfecting many areas of the washroom, such as lavatories, urinals and drains.

Better yet, our formula can be diluted for general disinfection. Our formula kills 99.99% of germs, including E..Coli. So, with our range of bleach products, keep your washroom clean and keep toilets, sinks and drains clear.

There are many types of disinfectants, many of which are of the utmost importance to use in bathrooms. Suitable for home or industrial use, our disinfectant kills odour producing bacteria, helping to remove unpleasant odours.

Not only can you use our product in the washroom, but it is highly effective on bins and carpets. Effectively killing germs and bacteria while leaving a pleasant fragrance, our formula of viscous liquid helps to freshen for hours.

Mould and mildew remover
When not maintained and cleaned suitably, washrooms and bathrooms are always at danger of growing mould and mildew. This often happens in wet areas, such as drains and tiled walls.

Our popular and effective mould and mildew remover helps to remove the unsightly fungus that may grow and also helps to keep them away for longer. Perfect for hard surfaces in washrooms, it also helps to get rid of the smells associated with mould and mildew.

This product is extremely popular with many work industries, including hotels and nursing homes. Our effective mould and remover is also perfect for use on ceramic tiles, grouting, walls, sinks and window frames.

Toilet cleaner
Perhaps one of our most popular washroom products, our range of toilet cleaners are extremely effective in removing limescale, grime and soiling. Not only does it help to remove unpleasant odours, but it also kills 99.99% of germs.

Introducing regular and efficient use of this product helps to eliminate the build-up of limescale where bacterial growth and bad odours originate.

Washroom cleaner
We stock a fantastic range of washroom cleaners which we describe as a ready-to-use total toilet and washroom cleaning solution. Our formula cleans, deodorizes, descales and disinfects washroom surfaces all the while leaving behind a pleasant odour.

Reducing water spotting and enhancing the appearance of washroom surfaces, our product is ideal and popular in the hotel and leisure industry.


Those are just a few of the products that we stock to help your washroom cleaning routine. GDG have been relied upon to provide quality stock to the leisure and hotel industries, amongst others, so trust us in order to make sure that your establishment’s cleaning routine is run as smoothly as possible. Not only do we stock a wide range of high-quality products, but we also have a team of in-house cleaning experts.