Waste Management - GDG’s Top Tips to Reduce Waste & Your Carbon Footprint

Waste management is often one of the dreaded jobs of any cleaning routine. We have all been there when we are holding a bin bag at arm’s length to keep away the stench of lunchtime banana peels or old teabags.

At GDG, one thing we want to help everybody with is to manage their waste responsibly. In the workplace and even at home, using the correct waste management bags and having greater control over what waste goes where can have a significant impact on your carbon footprint.

Of course, within some councils or constituencies, there may be different rules of how waste should be disposed of, but we encourage all businesses to follow those rules and read up on how they can dispose of their waste sensibly.

So, let’s see our top tips to manage your waste responsibly.

Reduce paper and ink
In the modern age, so many companies are deciding to go paperless. Not only does this significantly save a great deal of waste. Often the biggest waste for offices is paper and ink and going paperless is a fantastic start in reducing your carbon footprint.

But hey, we understand if companies aren’t quite ready to go paperless yet. There is the option of only printing when necessary, it is always a good idea to have reminders of this on email footers or posters around the office. Not only does it reduce waste, but from a business sense, it reduces ink costs.

Invest in reusable options for staff
There are so many options to reduce waste in your business. One is to invest in reusable options for staff. Although this can look like a big payment if you have a large workforce, investing in reusable bottles and Tupperware sometimes provide a good ROI.

If investing in reusable options isn’t an option for your business, it is always an option to change single-use plastics to recyclable alternatives where possible.

Know your waste streams
Knowing your waste streams can make it so much easier for staff to recycle. Companies who make it clear what goes in which bin see a significant reduction in items unnecessarily going to waste.

Simple and effective ideas such as clearly labelled bins not only help staff to dispose of waste effectively but can also save your business money in fines as some local authorities are cracking down on ensuring that waste is reduced.



No matter what waste you have, GDG can stock a reliable stream of waste management products straight to your business. We stock all kinds of bin liners, with options suitable for use in many kinds of industries such as the medical field.

Before looking to improve, it is sometimes a good idea to estimate how much waste you think you produce as a company. Take into account the amount of staff you have, how much waste is generated through them and the waste that the business produces. This is not only a great way to estimate how often you will need collections, but also to see how any of these tips have helped to reduce your waste.

Speak to one of our experts about what products may suit you best and how you can reduce your waste better.